Tampa Training Center

Where Are Most Business Challenges Located?

Business problems or challenges normally stem from 7 various areas of an organization. 

Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Delivery, Quality Control or Sales. 

Certainly, we can offer one course at a time, but over twenty years of training business owners and their executives and staff have taught us learning how to completely solve the main source point for a problem generates better overall results.

Give us a call, we can meet and tour our facilities and determine if our training might be of help to you.

Fundamental Business Courses & Packages

Prices – Most of the courses listed below are a couple hundred dollars (a few are a bit more).  These prices include the course materials, course room access, professional training supervisor, business tools, checklists, and on site in-person consultations. (Package prices are discounted 20%)

Flourish & Prosper Package – Be Better Able to Survive Any Economy!

Includes 5 Courses: How to Flourish and Prosper | How to Survive in Any Economy | Following Your Basic Purpose | Creating the Life You Want | The Trap of “Do It the Easy Way

Fundamentals of Sales Package – Be Able to Consistently Produce High Volumes of Sales!

Includes 5 Courses: Keys to Success | Closing Techniques | Using Features and Benefits to Sell | Sources of Sales Failure | The Primary Law of Personal Success

Maximum Efficiency Package – Increased Abilities to Effectively Work Stress Free

Includes 5 Courses: The Power of Words | Affinity Reality and Communication | The Secret of Efficiency | Overcoming the Stresses and Strains of Life | Increasing Your Ability to Effectively Work

Optimum Organization Skills Package – Become Able to Organize any Activity Towards Expansion!

Includes 6 Courses: Expanding Your Sphere of Influence | The Secret to Increasing Your Survival | Overcoming the Barriers to Competence | The Secret to Good Leadership | Organization 101 | How to Successfully Organize Any Activity

Financial Stabilization Package – Become Able, with Stability, to Confidently Grow Income & Reserves!

Includes 7 Courses: Financial Planning Made Easy | Improving Your Standard of Living | The Inner Game of Money | How to Forward Your Group’s Basic Purpose | How to Create and Plan Your Future | How to Execute Your Plan and Accomplish Your Goals | Battle Plans: How to Coordinate and Execute Plans and Program

Stellar Knowledge Acquisition Package – Become Able to Study & Apply Anything!

Includes 4 Courses: The Power of Words | Study Skills for Life | Learning How to Learn for Teens and Adults | Basic Study Manual

Business Expansion

We Have Real World Experience

Our team of owners, executives, managers and staff have a massive amount of real world experience.

Together we have built and run numerous companies such as accounting firms, metal salvage, digital marketing, telecommunications, nutrition, home improvement, advanced software applications, real estate development, aircraft sales, etc.

This experience – along with our basic to advanced training technologies – allow us to create a tailor made program for you or your company.

Whether you simply wish to increase your sales closing ratios or perhaps expand your company to new heights, we can help.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Advanced Business Courses & Packages

Prices – Most of the courses listed below are between five hundred and a couple thousand dollars (a few are a bit more).  These prices include the course materials, course room access, professional training supervisor, business tools, checklists, and on site in-person consultations. (Package prices are discounted 20%)

Ethical Team Building Package – Create an Ethical Dream Team That Can Easily Obtain Your Goals & Dreams!

Includes 7 Courses: Improving Business Through Communication | How to Get Along With Others | Ups & Downs in Life | Personal Values & Integrity | Ethics for Business Survival | How to Get Along With Others | How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior

Master Art of Income Control Package – A Team that Can Expand Income & Reserves to Any Level Desired!

Includes 5 Courses: Going Up in a Down Economy | Management by Statistics | Formulas for Business Success | How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company | How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning

Efficiency Leadership Package – Create Company Leaders That Make Your Life Easier

Includes 10 Courses: Admin Scale | Emotions in the Workplace Workshop | How to Effectively Handle Work | How to Get Things Done | Executive Basics | Executive Leadership | Emotions in the Workplace Workshop | Executive Basics | Effective Leadership | Basic Organization | How to Write Effective Company Policy

Administrative Competence – Gain the Ability to easily spot and remove ALL the Barriers to your Dreams!

Includes 4 Courses: How to Plan and Attain Your Goals | Overcoming the Stresses of Work and Life | The Cures to 15 Administrative Nightmares that Could Cost You Your Power and Prosperity | Intro to Financial Success

Marketing & Sales Mastery – Become a 12th Degree Ninja Marketing & Sales Warrior!

Includes 4 Training Courses: Master Closers Course | Market Research Made Easy | Professional Public Relations, How to be Seen, Heard & Loved | Total Marketing Mastery

The Buck Stops Here Package – Achieve Your Business Goals & Easily Control, Run & Operate Your Business With Minimal Effort from a Distance…

Includes 4 Upper Level Courses: Winning in the Game of Life | CEO Course Level 1 | CEO Course Level 2 | CEO Course Level 3

With Our Top Gun MCC (Master Closers Course) You Will Learn:

·      What are the 29 most important terms and definitions in sales?

·      What is the ONE selling key that, if skipped, will lose the sale every time?

·      What are the 5 phases of thinking a prospect goes through in deciding?

·      Why do prospects turn you down only to buy from your competition?

·      What are the 7 steps of selling that will always result in a sale?

·      What are the 6 types of questions that will make anyone interested?

·      How can you get your prospect to think the way you do about your product?

·      How can you make prospects desire to know more about your product?

·      What are the exact 26 reasons that people buy?

·      What do most salespeople do that secretly kills the sale?

·      How do you find out what’s going on inside your prospect’s mind?