FREE – TITAN Business Tools

Our core leadership team evolved from Buzzazz Business Solutions and has been helping Tampa Bay businesses in a wide array of services for decades.  Our TITAN training, business events, seminars and workshops have proven time and again to be extremely valuable for our attendees. 

Over the years we have gleaned enormous amounts of well surveyed data metrics from these activities.  This information combined with extremely workable training technologies has helped many thousands of business owners and their teams to reach their collective goals and objectives in a more timely and efficient manner.

We welcome you to utilize our free no obligation tools and decide for yourself if you might want to explore some of our paid services too.  The world of business is sometimes described as a “jungle”, our goal is to help those doing good work to cut a wide swath through their own trail.

Business Health Chart

The Buzzazz Business Health Chart

  1. Identifies Specific Strengths & Weaknesses
  2. Personalized Graph Chart
  3. Analyzes the 7 Main Business Areas
  4. Applies to ALL Businesses & Sales Folks
  5. Consultation With Business Expert Included
  6. Discover What Millions Already Know
  7. Achieve Your Goals Faster
  8. Only Takes a Few Minutes



Web Presence Tools

Buzzazz Web Presence Evaluation

  1. What Does Google Show?
  2. Observe Your Site Visitor Experience.
  3. How’s Your Overall Online Presence?
  4. Some Recommended Simple Upgrades.
  5. How Long Are Visitors Staying?
  6. What Google Search Engines See.
  7. Have a Decent Online Reputation?
  8. How’s Your Social Media?
  9. Is Your Web Presence Missing any Basics?



Learn & Earn

Thousands of business owners and their staff have completed some or all of our training courses.  You would probably be surprised to find out these Administrative and Sales Technologies have been utilized effectively by Fortune 500 companies, dentists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, mechanics, etc. worldwide for many years.

With this proven track record of success we are proud to bring these same courses to anyone in, or wanting to be in, business here in the Tampa Bay Area.

And by creating this “Co-Op” company, we have been able to dramatically lower the overhead and costs normally associated with this type of training.  Thus, we can make it more readily available to anyone wishing to improve their business.

Not only white collar, but blue collar too.  There is now a massive shortage of qualified and trained labor in the marketplace.  What is the solution?  Good question, our answer is to recruit good people and train them into the positions you need filled.  We can easily create checklists for exactly what is needed at your company. 


Workshops & Seminars  


  • Earn & Learn Networking
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Emotions in the Workplace
  • The Achieve Your Goals
  • Professional PR
  • Dynamic Team Building
  • Master Closers Seminars
  • Prosperity For Life
  • Modern Marketing Vital Datums
  • And Many More Soon 

Who doesn’t love a good workshop?  Most do.  Why? Well, we believe it is because with live interaction – zoom does not count – all of ones various senses come alive and allow for maximum creative learning to occur. Of course, it helps when the topics are of interest, helpful and not too long.  With our team, you can count on all of those to be true.

Our subject matter varies on a regular basis and we also insist on keeping things relevant.  Old war stories are extremely valuable, but even more so when coupled with a relevant tie in to the modern day. If you have a topic you would like us to cover, please let us know.


Success Checklists  

  • Sales Agents Leadership Program
  • Double Diamond Networking Marketing
  • Real Estate Agent Prospecting
  • Master Automotive Mechanics
  • Financial Consultant Wizardry
  • Legal Basics for Contractors
  • Real Estate Agent Licensing
  • Digital Marketing Expansion 


Why a checklist?  Virtually every successful professional career utilizes checklist technology.  Imagine if you were boarding a jumbo jet and your pilot could be observed scratching his chin, looking out the window, pondering what the next item to do was… YIKES!

From airline pilots to chefs, checklists are part and parcel of creating a uniform experience once successful actions have been delineated. Knowing this, and with engineering in our blood, we have evolved numerous checklists to success for a variety of businesses or careers.  If you need something specific, we can build that too.

Tampa & Beyond

Locations Served

Whether you’re trying to maximize sales or minimize client upsets, investing in our services pays dividends. We serve the Greater Tampa Bay area & beyond in training your staff to become a competent team that is trained in the exact steps necessary to takes your business to the next level!

Over the past few years there has been a noticeable trend of migration to Florida, primarily Miami and Tampa Bay.  The large amount of wealth and business moving here is hard to account for.  Nonetheless, it is quite palpable. 

Pinellas County is a large Manhattan style peninsula.  Due to it being bordered by water, there is really no option for handling the imminent growth other than to increase the density and go vertical, just like other similar land masses have done over the eons.

By serving Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties, we are blanketing the area with helpful tools and training courses that can help provide better trained businesses that eventually will provide higher quality of service and goods to the marketplace.  Which is our ultimate goal.